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Empower Web3 Commerce

One-click checkout for digital assets

Enable digital asset and NFT sellers to accept credit, debit card, bank transfer and local e-wallets.

Built for brands, digital asset sellers and marketplaces.

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Expand reach of your
NFT sales

01. No crypto/wallet required

Buyers do not need to have any crypto wallet to start with. With one-click, Skoshy creates a vault for your buyers at the backend.

02. Various payment options

Buyers can use their credit card, debit card, bank transfer or e-wallet and transact in multiple currencies. It is shown that conversion rate increase by at least 25% when buyers can choose their preferred payment methods.

03. Simple integration

It takes only a few lines of code to integration with Skoshy. You can activate this checkout solution within minutes. 

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APIs for NFT projects

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Enable checkout with credit card, debit card and bank transfer


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Easy checkout for buyers who do not have a wallet


Analytics and data for reconciliation and reporting


Our story

Our team has, in aggregate, more than 30 years of experience building payment products and digital banks. The cofounders met at MIT MBA program and decided to team up to solve the frictions they see in the Web3 space. 


We are a team that believe digital asset is the future of marketing and audience reach. We believe that Web3 NFT commerce and digital asset should be accessible to all, not just crypto-users. Our team is working relentlessly to make Web3 more accessible.


We are currently working on our beta launch. Sign up for our newsletter and we will keep you posted on our launch date. If you are interested in talking to our team, book a demo with us. 

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Increase your sales by 50%
by making checkout easy for customers

Hear what your customers are saying:

John Darcy

Digital asset collector

I cannot complete my transaction because it is too complicated!

Chris Bay

Gaming NFT buyer

I wish that I can simply use my credit card or any e-wallet to transact.

Macy Chan

Art NFT enthusiast

The current crypto wallet - marketplace interaction is just not friendly enough.
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